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 Although I want to see  DVD by  a big screen TV or a projector are expensive and I cannot buy them.

 I saw the projector manufacture  in someone's HP. I also challenged it.  HP1 ,HP2

Cautions: It will become the worst fire if heat is not radiated. And, if you touch a heat halogen lamp, it will burn yourself.



 Liquid crystal panel    [4200 yen]  5.4 inch TV

  halogen lamp and Conversion adapter [about 2000 yen]

  Fresnel lens 2 sheets (500 yen/sheet)

  Projection lens   (about 800 yen)

  Lamp cooling fan   (about 1000 yen)

  Board, metallic ornaments and Others   (about 4000 yen)




Wiring block diagram

Projection test (about 50 inches)


Improvement in quality of image


After improvement


 Although it is not enough, I think that the practical use level was reached.(Self-valuation is 80 points.)